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Environment Hero - Stepping Forward
Corporate Social Responsibility

At Spire, our goal is to do more with energy. To continue innovating, doing what's right and pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives bring that goal to life. Read more in our 2020 CSR Report. 

Announcing our third annual CSR report - a report filled with information about all the ways we care for our customers, communities and the environment. Highlights of our 2020 report:

Our commitment to our environment remained at the forefront

Although these were unprecedented circumstances, we kept our promise. We continued to focus on our environmental goals—making progress toward a sustainable energy future.

  • In early 2020, we became one of the first natural gas companies to commit to being carbon neutral by midcentury, leading the way for others to join us in the effort to keep our planet safe
  • To support that goal, we established an important, new leadership position—Head of Environmental Commitment—who will identify and help drive solutions to assist us in meeting our carbon neutrality commitment 
  • We’re enhancing our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting efforts, joining like-minded natural gas producers, midstream operators and utilities in reporting on methane reductions through our membership in ONE Future

Our belief in giving to our communities continued

We continued to support our communities throughout the pandemic—adapting to new working conditions—fueled by our commitment to serve.

  • We matched new and increased customer and employee donations to DollarHelp, up to $500,000, and raised nearly $1.9 million to help thousands of families and small businesses struggling to pay their bills as a result of the pandemic
  • Our assistance programs expanded to provide nearly $740,000 to qualifying residential and small business customers in Alabama and Missouri
  • To provide additional assistance to every community we serve across five states, we donated $250,000 to food-relief and meal service programs
  • We proactively reached out to customers in need throughout the year, hosting virtual webinars to keep everyone safe and ultimately helping families receive $1 million in energy assistance from a variety of sources, $300,000 more than last year

We continued focusing on our people, enhancing safety efforts, improving communication and taking good care of each other

  • We announced a coronavirus emergency leave policy, in addition to our standard benefits, so employees could care for their loved ones and themselves should the pandemic impact their family
  • Our Facilities team cleaned hundreds of offices, buildings and vehicles to keep employees safe on the job, while the Supply Chain team kept our field workers stocked with personal protective equipment, sanitizer, masks, cleaning supplies and more so we could serve our customers without interruption
  • We implemented coronavirus-specific communications, sending out daily emails, hosting conference calls and creating a new channel on our employee intranet, which quickly became the most visited location for information

Our leadership supported using our energy for good

Members of the Leadership Council and Board of Directors honored our mission, supported and guided all aspects of our business—managed and oversaw risk, honored policies and provided guidance—encouraging us all to live our mission and beliefs—no matter how many obstacles a year may send our way.

See how we continued stepping forward in our FY 2020 CSR report

Governance and policy updates

We recently published several governance policies based on our CSR initiatives. 

Board of Directors Succession Planning and Diversity Policy

The Spire Board acknowledges the importance of diversity in its broadest sense in the boardroom as a driver of Board effectiveness. 

Human Rights Policy

Spire is committed to respecting human rights in our own operations and complying with the laws of the states in which we do business. 

Environmental Policy & Principles

We believe we all have a shared responsibility to care for our planet. As an energy company, we honor that responsibility, operating with environmental safety and sustainability in mind. 

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