Grahm -retouched nose
Together, we are Fuel for Good

Grahm's spreading the message of FUEL for GOOD

He's Spire's fuzziest, friendliest friend – and his name is Grahm. You may have seen him on TV spending time with his family, enjoying a home cooked meal and taking a warm tumble in the dryer. Every step of the way, natural gas is there to deliver fuel for all the best things in life, and to show how together, we are Fuel for Good. 

At Spire, we believe everyone can be Fuel for Good when surrounded by the energy they need to succeed. That’s why each year, every Spire employee receives eight hours of paid time off to go out and serve others. We hope their stories leave you energized and inspired to be Fuel for Good in your community.

More facts about Grahm:

  • Big hugs make him feel warm and fuzzy (after all, his birthday IS National Hug Day!)
  • Homemade macaroni and cheese is his favorite snack
  • Warm baths and cozy homes make him smile
  • Orange is his favorite color

Grahm is always ready to share a smile, a meal or a snuggle. He’s a welcome, reliable comfort – just like the natural gas that heats his home, helps cook his meals, and warms his bath.


Watch to get a glimpse into a day in the life of Grahm and his family.

More fun with Grahm
Grahm with macaroni on his face
Grahm with macaroni on his face

Mmmm. Grahm's favorite meal is macaroni and cheese with his human best friend. 

Grahm after a bath
Grahm after a bath

Bathtime isn't over until the last bubble pops. Grahm loves taking baths in his giant bathtub, filled to the brim with hot water and bubbles. 

Mom washing teddy bear in natural gas dryer
Mom washing teddy bear in natural gas dryer

After his bath, Grahm took a tumble in his natural gas dryer to get warm and fuzzy.

Grahm cuddling in warm home
Grahm cuddling in warm home

Grahm loves to finish his day cuddling in his warm home with his human. 

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