Recent rate changes for Spire Missouri customers

Purchased gas adjustment (PGA) update

Beginning Nov. 16, 2023, the purchased gas adjustment (PGA) noted on your Missouri customer bill will change.

  • For eastern Missouri customers, there will be no change
  • For western Missouri customers, the decrease will be about $3.48 per month

*Such bill impacts may be less or more depending on a customer’s actual usage, which is primarily affected by weather. 

What is a Purchased gas adjustment or PGA?

A PGA, or purchased gas adjustment, is the actual cost for natural gas. This cost, or PGA, is what Spire pays for natural gas – with no markup to our customers. The cost of gas, or PGA, may be adjusted one or more times throughout the year, and is generally adjusted in November to reflect changes in natural gas cost.

Why has the PGA changed?

Changes in natural gas prices can mean a lower or higher PGA on your bill compared to your previous statement. The PGA reflects the cost Spire pays to purchase natural gas, which is then passed along to you with no markup. Many factors are influencing the price increases of items and service we use – including natural gas. 

How can I manage my usage and bills?

Below, you can explore resources for energy assistance and ways to save energy and money on your monthly natural gas bill.

Energy assistance

If you or someone you know is struggling to pay your natural gas bill, we’re here to help.
Last year, Spire helped connect customers with more than $33 million in federal, state and Spire energy assistance funding. 

We want to do everything we can to ensure our customers’ bills stay affordable. Every customer has unique energy needs, and for customers who are struggling to pay their natural gas bills, our dedicated team of customer service specialists can help identify energy assistance options that may be available.  Learn more >

You can also set up payment arrangements online at My Account.  

Ways to control your energy usage

Being aware of your energy use is an important step in managing your energy costs. You can check out these tips for saving energy and money during colder weather.

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