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Commercial and industrial clients
For CenterPoint and Dominion customers in Ohio

If you're a CenterPoint of Ohio or Dominion Energy customer and have questions about Spire as your new natural gas supplier, please contact us.


Our extensive experience will optimize your commercial or industrial business's energy costs 

If you’re a manufacturing facility, asphalt plant, school, hospital, retail or commercial business, ethanol or other chemical producer, we’ll use our extensive experience working with interstate pipelines and utilities to identify where and how we can minimize your natural gas costs.

Here’s how Spire Marketing can serve commercial and industrial businesses:

  • Reliable natural gas supply – The Spire Marketing team has more than 30 years’ experience of providing uninterrupted natural gas service
  • Responsive service – Our industrial natural gas marketers are always available and can adapt quickly to meet your evolving needs
  • Knowledgeable account management – We’ll help you understand your natural gas requirements, monitor metered usage and adjust natural gas deliveries to balance supply and save you money
  • Low-cost natural gas – To pass savings onto you, we regularly evaluate cost-saving opportunities
  • Optimization – We provide a variety of services, like asset management, that allow you to maximize savings on natural gas
  • Natural gas hedging – We make it easy for you to hedge your natural gas supply by providing timely market information, pricing and reliable execution
  • Analysis and reporting – Our timely reports give you the information you need to make decisions about budgeting and planning. And we’re happy to provide an analysis of this data at any time
  • Personal service – Our team is always available to answer questions and talk about your needs

Contact Spire Marketing for commercial and industrial services and more