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Local distribution companies and utilities

Optimizing value for local utilities and beyond

Whether you are a local distribution company (LDC), a municipal utility provider or an energy cooperative, the Spire Marketing team will find ways to optimize the value of your assets by offering:

  • Asset Management Agreements – We’ll find ways to unlock savings for you by identifying underutilized natural gas storage or transportation assets, creating economies of scale and collaborating with other assets and markets.
  • Fixed price opportunities – Since we always have an eye on the market, we can offer you the option to lock into fixed pricing from an index-priced position
  • Hedging and alternative fuel choices – We utilize a variety of methods, according to each customer’s needs, to lock-in value, maximize your return on assets and minimize your risks
  • Enhanced flexibility – We’ll provide a tailored bundled service that enhances the flexibility of your asset
  • Pipeline storage – We’ll help you plan and contract pipeline and storage capacity 

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