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Explore our history, community involvement and commitment to sustainability

Spire Storage overview

At Spire, we believe that natural gas is vital to America's affordable energy future, as well as its energy independence. 

Spire Storage facilities in Wyoming and Oklahoma provide safe, reliable storage and support grid security for a diverse customer base throughout the Midwest and Western U.S. regions. 


Storage in Wyoming

This facility comprises two underground natural gas storage fields adjacent to and connected with each other: the Clear Creek Field and the Belle Butte Field, near Evanston, Wyoming, in Uinta County. 

The Spire Storage gas storage facility can serve major markets throughout the Western U.S., including Southern and Northern California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, the Pacific Northwest and the Desert Southwest through the facility’s pipeline connections:

  • Kern River Gas Transmission
  • Ruby Pipeline
  • MountainWest Pipeline
  • MountainWest Overthrust Pipeline
  • Northwest Pipeline

NEW: Storage in Oklahoma

As of April 1, 2023, Spire has acquired Salt Plains Storage. Located in Manchester, Oklahoma, this facility is now called Spire Storage Salt Plains.

Salt Plains is a depleted reservoir natural gas storage facility located in Grant County, Oklahoma, near the Oklahoma and Kansas border. The facility has a certificated working gas capacity of 10 Bcf; a peak withdrawal rate of 150 MMCF/d; and a peak injection rate of 115 MMCF/d. 

Salt Plains is equipped with 10,000 horsepower of compression and 30 storage wells and is interconnected with Southern Star Central Pipeline and ONEOK Gas Transmission lines via a 12.5 mile, 16-inch header.

Spire Storage serves customer groups including electric utilities, gas utilities, pipelines, industrial manufacturers, gas marketers/traders and natural gas producers.  

The facility’s two storage fields are connected and operated in an integrated manner and currently provide firm and interruptible storage services and interruptible wheeling services at market-based rates. 

The facility is led by a dedicated operations team, with strong experience in natural gas processing, gathering, exploration and production operations, and a commitment to ensuring the integrity of customer needs.


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About Spire Storage
Spire Storage's history

Looking back at the past as we prepare for America's energy future



Spire Inc. acquires Ryckman Creek Resources LLC, a 35-Bcf gas storage facility in Wyoming. Facility is rebranded as Belle Butte Facility  


Spire Inc. acquires smaller, adjacent facility, Clear Creek Storage Company, LLC, a 4-Bcf gas storage facility in Wyoming.  


Spire Inc. receives approval from FERC to combine operations into one FERC Certificate as Spire Storage. While the facilities are FERC certificated for up to 39 Bcf to allow for future growth, Spire Storage’s responsible operations approach is to sell only the storage that we can deliver today, which is a combined working gas capacity of 16-19 Bcf. 

Scott Smith joins Spire as president of Spire Storage and Spire STL Pipeline, to lead the company's operations and commercialization of natural gas storage facilities in Wyoming and pipelines serving Spire in eastern Missouri and other midwestern U.S. markets. 


Spire Storage completes modifications/construction at Belle Butte Facility, including new liquid separation vessels, gas processing equipment and controls, all contained in a 6,300 sq. ft expansion of the existing gas processing building. 


Spire Storage is currently working through the FERC process to expand the Clear Creek facility in order to double our maximum withdrawal and injection rates and to boost our reservoir total by about 52%, to meet growing demand from our customers, and to serve projected demand as natural gas reliability becomes increasingly more important in the western U.S. 

The expansion project will increase Spire Storage’s total underground working gas storage capacity from 23 Bcf to 39 Bcf, and involves the addition of injection and withdrawal wells, compression, pipeline infrastructure, and gas processing capability. Capital expenditures for the project are expected to total $195 million.

As demand continues to grow for the affordable and reliable form of energy natural gas provides, Spire Storage is well suited to meet the evolving energy needs of the western U.S. 


Spire acquired the Salt Plains natural gas storage facility from Rockpoint Gas Storage, changing the facility name to Spire Storage Salt Plains and bringing along the current employees of the facility. 


Spire Storage Day for Good
About spire storage
Spire Storage in the community

See how we use our energy to give back to communities in Wyoming

Spire Storage is committed to being a positive, contributing member of the areas where we live and work

We are a proud community partner and have relationships with several organizations across the communities where we do business.

In Wyoming, here are a few of the organizations we support:

  • Boys & Girls Club of Evanston
  • Evanston Cowboy Days
  • United Way of Southwest Wyoming
  • Evanston Volunteer Firefighters
  • University of Wyoming Extension
  • 4-H in Uinta County

In Oklahoma, we look forward to being part of the Manchester and surrounding Grant County communities.

Learn more about Spire Inc.'s dedication to the communities we serve >


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About Spire Storage
Safety and environment

Learn more about Spire Storage's commitment to doing the right thing by people and the planet

One of our core values is safety, and there's nothing more important to us than protecting people and the planet we all share. 

At Spire Storage, we take several actions to help Spire Inc. meet its goal to becoming a carbon neutral company by 2050 and to protect the environment. For example:

  • We use renewable solar energy at all well pads
  • Participate in local oil filter recycling programs
  • Conduct aerial leak surveys to monitor and reduce methane emissions

Our team of professionals also works diligently to ensure the safety of our operations. We conduct ongoing monitoring and surveillance, routine inspections and maintenance work to keep our facilities safe. Plus, we train with first responders to help bring our safety protocols to life, so we're prepared for anything.

Learn more about Spire's commitment to sustainability >

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Image of natural gas equipment

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