Spire volunteers care for the wild

The Saint Louis Zoo is a beloved, world-renown St. Louis attraction that is home to over 16,000 animals. When the Saint Louis Zoo began developing WildCare Park, a 425-acre, safari-like expansion in north St. Louis County that is expected to open in 2027, Spire donated the labor to move the original gas line from the middle of the property to the perimeter so animal conservation areas could be constructed safely. 

The plans for WildCare Park call for:

  • a 60-acre Nature Adventure Zone, 
  • 63 acres of Woodland Safari, 
  • 101 acres of Savanna Safari
  • 61 acres of the Kent Family Conservation and Animal Science Center on the property

With a development project this large, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Spire employees jumped in and volunteered to help. Spire employees jumped in to help, clearing out brush and debris to create a safe habitat for animals that will eventually call WildCare Park their home.   These volunteer efforts align with Spire’s environmental and sustainability goals of restoring and protecting open spaces.

spire volunteer smiling with tool clearing brush

To get a sneak peek at WildCare Park, visit their website.