Six tips for choosing a natural gas contractor
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Whether you’re adding natural gas to your home or have an appliance that’s not working properly, we can help you find a qualified expert. Members of Spire’s Natural Gas Contactors Network provide replacement, installation and repair services.   

Here are six tips for choosing a natural gas contractor: 

  1. Make sure the contractor is licensed, bonded and insured. Having a current license and relevant certifications helps ensure that the contractor is qualified to perform the work. And the contractor’s insurance helps protect you from financial consequences due to potential project issues 

  2. Check on the services provided by the contractor. Do they provide service and installation? Do they handle the permitting process? Do they provide 24/7 emergency services? Knowing upfront what services are offered helps eliminate surprises later in the project. And with Spire’s Find a Contractor tool, you can search contractors based on the services they provide, so there’s no guesswork when you’re ready to reach out

  3. Get a written quote or estimate from two to three contractors. Estimates should clearly identify all work to be completed in a written format. Compare estimates among the contractors and be sure to ask questions if something’s not clear to you

  4. Ask about warranties and identify what is covered, the duration of the warranty and how you access it, if needed

  5. And ask if any new equipment or appliances qualify for a rebate from Spire.

  6. Check out references. Ask the contractor to provide you with customer references, and then contact them. 

Take out the guesswork with Spire’s approved Natural Gas Contractor Network

We’re making it easy for you to find a trusted natural gas contractor near you. Spire’s approved Natural Gas Contractor Network includes contractors who are insured and have the approvals, licenses, permits and other authorizations required to operate business.  And natural gas contractors in the program have information about available financing and rebates from Spire – without you having to do the research.